## What This site contains my notes summarising papers and blog posts I've recently read, things I am thinking about, and anything else that comes to mind. Some of these notes may be used as the basis for main site posts and potentially papers. Note quality may vary. Topics that are of general interest to me at the moment and so likely to occur frequently are: real-time analysis of infectious diseases, short-term forecasting of infectious diseases, forecast evaluation, and Bayesian methods for all of those areas. ## How to use To make finding linked notes easier there are a series of meta notes that list notes with common topics. These are currently: - [[Blog]] - [[Papers]] - [[Project ideas]] - [[Resources]] This site can also be navigated via either the side bar, page links, or the graph review of notes relationships to each other. ## More about me For more about me, and more formal content see my main site: [https://samabbott.co.uk](https://samabbott.co.uk/)